A Modern Approach to Traditional Medicine

 We created High Society with the vision to de-stigmatize cannabis by offering an experience where we are able to educate our customers in a friendly, welcoming environment where all your senses will be invigorated.

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 Take a look at the different strains we provide and discover the benefits of cannabis.  We carry only the finest marijuana so let us guide you in-store and online.

Sativa/Sativa Dominant

 Provides a euphoric, uplifting, focusing effect that works best during the daytime.  Increases creativity, focus and energy while reducing anxiety.

Indica/Indica Dominant

 A high THC strain that promotes maximum relaxation with pain-relieving and sedative effects that are best used at nighttime.  Perfect as a night cap!


A cross between Sativa and Indica that have combined characteristics to provide physical and cerebral reactions.  The best of both worlds. 


 Check out what we have to offer!  We have everything to get you on your way to complete bliss whether you want to wind-down or need a creative boost. 

Cannabis (marijuana) plants

Why Choose Us

Our cannabis is grown from the highest quality farms.  High Society aims to create an immersive experience where all your senses are heightened.  Innovative and client-focused, we are dedicated to providing knowledge in a luxury environment.  

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